Once your application has been received we will notify you of such. We do contact Veterinarians about pets you may have. We do not adopt dogs to "breeders" or families with unaltered animals. Some animals are special needs and their listings will reflect such. We ask that you respect any decision we make. Once the application is approved there will be a meet and greet. 

Due to the fact that our animals are in foster we will set up an appointment time to have the animal and your family meet.

 After the application and meet & greet, we do have an adoption fee of $125.00 for canines and $50.00 for felines, and contract. Our contract does state that at anytime for any reason the animal that you adopt cannot be re-homed by you. He/She must be returned to FHR.

All of our animals are altered, up to date on vaccinations including rabies vaccination. We do require adopters to keep these up to date.

We go through a lot to save these furbabies and they steal our hearts immediately, it seems like a lot for a "pet", but we feel they deserve the very best and it's up to us to give them the very best.


FHR will provide all supplies and medical for foster animals. Food provided will be food fed to animal. If you need to feed fosters separate from others, we will be happy to provide crates for you. All Vet visits must be approved by the Director. If an emergency occurs please contact the Director first.

All Veterinary visits, medications, testing etc. must be approved by the Director.

FHR will give all fosters 24 hour notice for meet and greet or Vet appt. If arrangements must be made we will be happy to work around schedules.

All foster animals will be socialized outside of foster.

Canines are not to be left outside or housed outside.

Felines are to be litter box trained. We do not approve inside/outside felines.

Fosters will not take in owner surrenders without the Director's permission. We prefer to save animals from kill Shelters, but we will cross-post any speutered animals.

Any animal pulled from a Shelter will be approved. All animals pulled must have basic vaccinations and Vetting. We are happy to pay the pull fee if Vetting is done.

We do not mind if you foster or transport for other Rescues. Please clear this with each Rescue as to not cause any conflict of interests.

All fosters will feed Rescue provided foods, any other foods will be at foster's expense.

We do not provide a gas fund unless foster is willing to do a long haul transport.

We require all basic Vetting before placement into foster. If animal is not altered an appointment will be set within the few days following. We request the animal not be allowed access to other animals while we await appointment. We ask that fosters (when available) transport their rescue animal to the Veterinarian on as needed basis. Fosters are not in the exam room with fosters as it may cause undue stress for the animal.

We ask that fosters post pictures of their fosters so everyone can see their personality. However anyone interested in adopting must fill out an application and be approved by Director. Fosters do not have permission to interact with other rescues regarding placement of FHR dogs. 

If at any time any foster is bitten or scratched contact the Director IMMEDIATELY.

If an animal escapes contact Director IMMEDIATELY.

Fosters must be 21 years of age or older. Volunteers that are under 21 should be under parental supervision. Volunteer must follow all rules and regulations of the rescue or event site.


Every animal must be in a crate. No free riders.

When an animal is tagged no paws on ground it means just that the animal is to be in a crate for the duration of the ride.  

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